One of the most visited places in Phou Hin Poun is the cave-tunnel of Konglor – Natane. For nearly 7 kilometres, this natural formation, is entirely crossed by the Nam Hinboun river which connects the villages of Natane to that of Konglor.

Konglor Cave is the most visited cave in Khammouane Province (about 20,000 visitors in 2019), known to be one of the geological wonders of Asia.

Previously, a path was traced in the upper karst massif to link the 2 villages, which can still be taken today with a local guide. The locals did not want to go up the river to go from one to the other, because the cave housed two evil spirits. On several occasions, the inhabitants noticed that domestic ducks came out of the cave. The villagers decided to explore the cave and thus create a new road between the two villages.

The previous activities of the NGO Tétraktys have led to the emergence of a group of villagers from Konglor and Natane, who are responsible for the management of the Konglor-Natane cave: the AEKN (Association Ecotouristique de Konglor-Natane). The AEKN is the first ecotourism association in Laos, and had 400 members in 2022, and allows the local population to sustainably manage this heritage.